What We Do

The Ridgefield Lions Club is a group of individuals that understands we can accomplish so much more as a group than by ourselves. The Lions motto “We Serve” says much about the club.

The club currently has approximately 80 dedicated men and women in its roster.

The Ridgefield Lions Club is very active and provides many services to the community. Below is just a sample of some charities and fundraisers we do throughout the year.


Charities are the recipients of our hard-earned funds. Each year the Ridgefield Lions contribute to a varirty of local and international charities. Below are various groups the Ridgefield Lions Club contributes to.

  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Bank
  • Youth Exchange Program
  • Ridgefield High School Lions Scholarship Program
  • Ridgefield School Sponsor for many activities and programs
  • Clark County Sight Committee
  • Voice Notes and other equipment for Washington State School for the Blind Students
  • Clark County Hearing Committee
  • Cub Scout and Boy Scout Troop Sponsorship
  • Piano Hospital


All year long we are involved in fundraising. Below are a few of our larger fundraisers.

  • Salmon Bake – July 4th – Abrams Park in Ridgefield
  • Lions Food Booth – Eleven days in August – Clark County Fairgrounds
  • Super Auction – 1st Saturday in April – Clark County Fairgrounds
  • Home and Garden Show Food Booth – April – Clark County Fairgrounds
  • Fireworks Sale


Other volunteer opportunities are available through the Ridgefield Lions Club. Below are a few examples of how our dedicated volunteers make a difference in the community.

  • Walk N Knock local food drive
  • Installing Smoke Detectors in conjuction with the Fire Department
  • Highway Cleanup of Pioneer Street/State Route 501
  • Painting the Community Center
  • Cleaning and Painting Abrams Park Shelters
  • Providing and staffing a Health Screening Unit for the community
  • Helping with the City-Wide Spring Cleanup
  • Christmas Caroling at local Senior Citizen Living Centers